Tuesday, October 7, 2014

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I'm super sick, have been for a while. I have two things ready to go but I haven't been able to really move around much. Sorry!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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...by like four months. So here's my idea: we wait til Halloween for a mass release, OR I release randomly throughout the month. Lemme know what you'd like done.

But just to say....DAMN IT'S BEEN NINE YEARS!!!! Where the hell did the time go...2005 - you're so far away XD

♥ Yukiko

Saturday, September 20, 2014

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Well thanks to Soraxi and Amanda, we have a release of FIVE for you today! Just a quick note, Amanda CLEANED this and Soraxi TYPESET. I forgot that when I was doing the credits *sigh* MY BAD GUYS! But the file's all zipped and I'm tired sooo it's staying that way for now. (I'll fix it, no worries!)

Anywho I'm off to bed. ENJOY!
♥ Yukiko

Thursday, September 18, 2014

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So I have finally gained internet once again! Yay for tractor trailers zooming down my road and snapping our line in half V_V Yeeeah....ANYWAY now that I'm back, we have two releases for you. Chapters 4 & 5 of Kiminosei! FIVE and Haigakura should be following shortly fyi :) Oh and since it took me so long to release these two, I'm putting them directly to Batoto if you want to go and read online instead of downloading. TTFN!

♥ Yukiko

Monday, September 1, 2014

Alrighty folks, I have a few releases for you today! But first I want to thank Amanda for coming to the rescue with chapter 61 of FIVE. She edited in like...two days or less? Not sure. I was the slacker here - well not really slacker BUT having a job and now school....I was busy needless to say. PLUS I got a kitten ♥ Her name is Jinx lol. Anyway so FIVE ch 61, Haigakura ch 23, and Gekijou Komori Uta ch 1 are all out for your reading pleasure! I'm going to upload them to Batoto in a few minutes. Enjoy! Also excuse the first half of Gekijou - Raff manga has rough scans x_X But Pig Rabbit Fansub will be offering up their raws - and if we get a good following, I may buy the tanks :) Oh and one other thing, I wanted to wait and release all this including Kiminosei but after talking to Suki and PRF, we are going to split the work on that. Woot woot.

♥ Yukiko

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

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FIVE: Currently, ch 61 is being edited by Midge and I'm translating...it's coming along nicely. Ch 62 is being cleaned by Amanda, but I won't start translating that til I'm done with everything else.
Haigakura: Lohathe is cleaning a few pages so I can get caught up on translating.
Gekijou Komori Uta: Basically done, I'm just waiting to hear back from another group about borrowing the last 5 pages. Raff Manga didn't have the entire chapter on there ><
Senmono: I was contacted by someone who is willing to help clean - but I would need another translator and typesetter for me to bring this series back to activity.
Mune ga Naru noha Kiminosei: The volumes are being shipped but a lot of the translation is done :)
Jaguri: Our source just received the volume, so he's working on scanning it and whatnot right now.

I'm rather proud of myself, and the new staff I have. FIVE is definitely going to move along swiftly with that team. I just REALLY NEED another translator. My poor brain can only handle so much, guys.

♥ Yukiko

PS. The new volumes are on their way from China now~ USPS is keeping me up to date via text haha. New fangled tech and whatnot.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

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YES! I finally found half-way decent raws for this series! I've had my eye on it for a while now, and as far as I know - no one else has picked it up. Since I don't have money to purchas volume 1 right now =_= we will be using magazine raws. Anyway, I think everyone will enjoy it. It's a cute shoujou by Nanajima Kana ^^ I'd really like to buy the tankoban so if we could get $25 - which would have it ship 2 to 5 business days - in donations that'd be awesome. If not, well...Uhg I'll put up with the rough stuff.

Oggle the goods...

♥ Yukiko