Sunday, January 4, 2015


I need translators. Seriously, I'm killing myself here translating all this shit on my own. Chapter 65 of FIVE is out.

The end. ♥ Yukiko

Saturday, December 20, 2014


Sorry, I've got to make this a quick post. I had a few days off, but that was just from my job. Shit went down which I am still dealing with. I just wanted to let everyone know that we are still alive and hopefully I will have a release on Christmas X_X

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bad news...

So y'know how computers tend to get viruses every once in a while? And normally, they're easy to deal with - if you have protective software. Sadly, I don't! Well this virus I have made it so that I cannot get on the internet at home (basically...) It started with dropbox not being able to connect, then it wouldn't allow Firefox to connect, then not Chrome, and then not Explorer. SO I went out and bought AVG Ultimate (because I'm not rich) - thinking I could get the exe file from the disc and run it that way. But no! You need to download the exe file from the internet. WTF, am I just old-school in thinking when you purchase a program the exe file should be on the disc you buy??

Anywho, I went to my fiancée's computer and put the exe file on a disc and then went back to my computer to try again. Well guess what, you apparently have to be able to connect to the internet AGAIN to run that file. W.T.F. So with the fact that I can't use this product, and there was no way of knowing I had to connect to the internet to actually get this shit running, I called Best Buy and explained my story. What response did I get? "If it's been opened we don't accept it returned." LOL! So basically, I spent close to $60 on something I can't use on a computer I need to use? And before you comment saying "Well your fiancée is using it" - no he's not. He already has Norton.

Now here was tip 2, "Reset your computer." Alright, dandy. I did that but now I can't connect to the internet to get the driver I need for my wireless card (yes I'm still using an outdated card in my tower.) Once again I turn to my fiancée's laptop to download it but HAH Microsoft doesn't have it on their driver list anymore, nor could I find it ANYwhere to download. *sigh*

My reasoning for ranting like this is because A) I needed to vent and B) I wanted to explain why things are going to move a little slower than usual. Please bear with me as I deal with this crisis.

♥ Yukiko

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Woot woot

What do I do on my day off? Work on manga, that's what. And thanks to that, I have brought you ch 32 of Noragami. Go read it :)

♥ Yukiko

Thursday, November 20, 2014

By the way...

Here's an awesome release for you. Thanks to Soraxi for working her butt off on editing. GO! READ! Oh yeah and I'd appreciate it if people went to the forums more. I'm thinking of completely moving CM there from the blog. Not sure yet...

♥ Yukiko

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Settle, settle everyone!

Hella! So I've made my Christmas list for CoyoMoose (we will be picking up these series anyway...):

  • Karigari! by Furukawa Shiori - Kirishima Mel seems like your ordinary high school girl. However, she is also part of a special investigation team called "K9" - under the direct control of the National Police Agency! With her katana in hand, Mel must take on serious incidents in secret. But what happens with this one incident-!?
  • Bambi to Dhole by Okaue Ai - Yukimi is her real name but everyone calls her Bambi. She is the student discipline committee member who locks students out of the school if they're a minute late, but sneaks cigarette breaks on the roof. Lone wolf (Dhole, Asiatic wild dog) transfer student Tetsu (everyone pronounces it Tooru) Nagasawa hops the fence after she locks it and breaks her cigarette in half when he finds her on the roof, but he's a super nice guy to a mother and baby on the train. Bambi already has a boyfriend but will the wolf steal her heart?
  • Ooki/Taiboku-sensei to Kosame-san by Furukawa Shiori - No idea what it's about yet, as I haven't found a summary ANYwhere...but it's by FS, so it has to at least have nice art. *cough*

If we could get donations for these series, so my family doesn't have to buy for me, I'd appreciate it. But, if not then we'll just wait until after Christmas. I'm really itching to see raws for Karigari -not the ones on raffmanga - those don't do it justice.

I have to order Karigari v1-2 and BtD v1-3 off cdjapan, and after shipping that would be $48 (1-3 business days shipping)

I'm ordering Karigari v3 and TsKs v1 off of yesasia, and with 2-5 business day shipping that's $35.

Honestly, I'd love it if we could get $100 in donations so I don't have to rely on those as being "Christmas presents" - I hate having family pay for CM stuff. But at the least $50 would be great so we can order from cdjapan and get started on all that greatness *ahem*


♥ Yukiko

Monday, November 10, 2014

I've come up with a schedule!

Yes, for once in my life - I've made a schedule and plan to stick to it. Some of you may not be pleased....but understand this will make things easier on me and my real life issues.

  • FIVE - Since we only have 3 volumes left, I plan on doing a volume a month release. So, starting soon, we will release an entire volume on the very last day of each month. Since the holidays are fast approaching, the rest of volume 13 will be sporadic. Once 13 is finished, we will do the volume releases. 
  • Haigakura - This being my baby, I want to spend more time on it and make the quality "better" (meaning not rushing translations and edits...) However, this series is not complete yet, and we don't get any donations  so all of these purchases come out of my pocket. SO that being said, I will release a chapter on the first of every month. So, 12/1/14 will be our next release.
  • Gekijou Komori Uta - *sigh* This series has disappointed me. Alas, say goodbye. I'm sure someone like Chibi Manga will pick it up.
  • Jaguri - Well, we haven't even had a release of this yet, now have we? Well wait that's a lie...we did WAAAAAAAY back in the day. Our new releases will start once a month with FIVE, at the end of the month. As long as things are edited and whatnot on time, there may be  a release the end of this month. Not sure yet...
  • Mune ga Naru noha Kiminosei - This is another *sigh* for me. I picked it up because Chibi Manga was taking forever, but honestly I don't have the time for it. So, CoyoMoose will be saying goodbye to this series as well.

Now - I had been contacted last month about bringing Urushima Ryuuguu Emaki either back or scanning the raws for another group. With all these series I didn't think I'd have the time - however now that two of them are gone, I may bring URE back sooner than planned. That is, if the other group wants to make it a joint or not.

So I've done this once before, but I figured it's time for a quick "update" on Yukiko's (my) life:
I work in the retail/service industry - specifically PetSmart's Pets Hotel (and on the main floor where all the shopping happens.) I love my job, and would hate to leave it. However I make $8.88 an hour and have 23-28 hour work weeks. Want to know my last paycheck? $170...YEAH. A "good" paycheck for me is about $240 - if I'm lucky.

My shifts are all night shifts, 1-9pm or 12-8pm or 5-9pm....Five days a week. I usually get Tuesday and Sunday off but that varies. I live 30 minutes from my job and go through a $40 tank of gas a week. Awesome, right? Oh yeah and my car is falling apart, so let's say I spend $50 a month on repairs for the bastard. Ah and then there's my $1500 rent that's due the 7th of each month + my $93 car insurance that's due the 18th of each month.

That reminds me, I'm going to fail the emissions test that needs to be done by the 29th of this month.

Now we need to talk about food. Do I have a kitchen to cook in? Nope, so everything is microwavable or ordered pizza. Lord, I'm so sick of pizza...and I'm pretty sure my intestines are as well.

My dog needs his shots + to get neutered. Same with my kitten. I'm not even going to go in to the shit I need to buy for my dragons...Per month I probably spend about $70 on all of them (cat, dog, fish, and dragons.)

So here's where manga comes in. On my two days off, I will normally scan, translate, and edit about 5-10 pages depending on what series I'm working on. FIVE is going swiftly because A) it's easy to translate and B) I have two people who edit for this series alone.

On those days, I also need to find time to clean and spend time with my fiancee (he and I barely spend time together unless we're sleeping or passing each other on our ways to/from work.)

I'll continue bitching later...